I saw this sneaky one on a few sites and really wanted to use it. When you highlight text the highlight colour can be anything you want.

PHP & html code to refresh a document a direct it to a new one.

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In this quick tutorial I'll go through how to use some quick and simple commands in PHP to collect information about visitors, save it to the database. Probably about the first real application I made in PHP.

Part two in this tutorial, here I'll explain how we can use the setcookie() command of PHP to set a cookie, and how this will help to avoid filling the database with thousands of records. Just a short tutorial and in the next we will use a while loop to show all the info collected.

The final part of this tutorial. Continuing with basic PHP functions this time we'll be using PDO to connect to the database and print out all the information from the 'users' database, the one which is storing visitor info.